30.000.000 travellers in your country…

Download the app and see which medical incidents are right next to you NOW!

DoctorNext2Me is a simple and easy-to-use application that
gives you instant access to the medical incidents closest to you.

Single-button, WHEREVER YOU ARE, only a few minutes away and in short distance from you.

DoctorNext2Me is the most useful tool for saving time with No Bureaucracy!

Having a complete picture of EMERGENCY cases, you can:

  • select the incident
  • accept the incident
  • offer medical assistance (first aid)

With full transparency, direct pricing and payment!

With DoctorNext2Me, we promote medical enterpreneurship and bring you next to even more patients/travellers:

  • With No geographical limit
  • With or Without doctor’s office
  • With No exceptions
  • With direct access to the growing Tourism industry

All medical specialties are included to our network to ensure optimal medical care for every patient/traveller.


Your subscription to the application is completely free of charge, with no secret or additional charges!